Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lense Fitting in UAE


Al Falah Optics helps to fit Contact Lenses for you. we are the leading eye care shops in UAE. It has been argued that the skill in contact lens practice has moved from the mechanics of lens fitting to monitoring the ocular physiology of the patient. Nowhere is this truer than in soft lens fitting, where options available to practitioners are often limited to a ‘one-fit’ lens design. Although one-fit lenses may achieve a high percentage of acceptable fits, understanding how to assess and optimise lens fit remains key. t, the patient looks straight ahead and blinks; in this way the Optometrist observes not only if the lens is in the center, but also evaluates for lens movement. Then, in the slit lamp the contact lens movement in the vertical and horizontal positions is evaluated by having the patient look up, down, right and left. An ideal movement in all positions should be about 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm. The same test is applied for toric lenses and Optometrists have to detect if the lens’s mark is stable. The contact lens should be centered in the middle of the cornea and the lens has to cover the entire cornea.

When you go to your doctor for a contact lens fitting, he’s checking your eyes to decide what strength you need, and what type you need. There are various types of contacts, some for sensitive eyes, some for astigmatism, and even some for those who need bifocals. healthy person with no apparent problems should take around 20 minutes. Someone older, perhaps with high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma or other ailments can take much longer.